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Today there are many people among nations who are drawn to the Jewish People and desire the sweetness of the fellowship and blessings. This is in line with the prophesies which predicted that in the end of days people from all nations will take hold on the jews and say “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you”

This made us to believe that standing with Israel is more than political statement

– It goes deeper than that. The church has much repentance and repair work to do, and exactly what
istandwithisrael is about and the Church in Nigeria has a huge role to play in taking the lead by reconnecting with the
Lord of Messiah.

Kindly permit me to state that we are working very hard to acheving our set goals for Nigeria which¬† is “to reach and enroll 5 million Christains as our members by the end of 2020”, so join us as we work together in connecting the church with Israel. It is now time for you to take your root in Israel as I welcome you to join hand with us in istandwithisrael


IstandwithIsrael was established to motivate, inspire, Educate, Mobilize and give expression of Christians love and concern for the Jewish people and the State of Israel in recognizing the prophetic purpose of God coming to pass in our days and also recognizing our connection as Christians to Jewish roots.


The mandate of IstandwithIsrael is to connect Christians in Nigeria with their Jewish brethren and with the Land of Israel in every areas of endeavors.


1. To express friendship with Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world.

2. To impart to Christians a fuller understanding of their Jewish heritage.

3. To challenge anti Semitism among Christians in its past and present forms.

4. To stimulate Christians to pray for Israel, to encourage Christo-Judeo Partnership.

5. To provide practical assistance in areas of need within land of Israel

To achieve the above we deploy in the following activities

– Prayer For Israel

– Friends Of Israel

– Jewish-Christains Business Network

– Jewish Feast Celebration

– Holy Land Jewish Pilgrimage Consulting